BASA Awards

The Golden Arrow Foundation (GAF), has scooped the prestigious BASA (Business and Arts South Africa) Award for promoting access to the arts at the Artscape Theatre Centre.

Launched seven years ago, the BASA Award recognises businesses which effectively and innovatively use arts sponsorships to meet the organisation’s goals and to promote the arts. GAF contributes towards Artscape’s community outreach programmes and this has made them more accessible to especially grassroots communities.

GAF provided over 100 buses to transport 8 700 people to the Artscape Theatre Centre in the Cape Town city centre. Other companies nominated in the ‘Increasing Access to the Arts’ Category were Anglo American Platinum Corporation for the ERA Initiative and De Beers Consolidated Mines for two projects, namely the De Beers Superstones Field Band and the Johannesburg Youth Orchestra Company’s “Orchestra Rave”.

The mutual benefit of the GAF sponsorship is that Artscape now has an affordable tool to bring historically disadvantaged audiences to the Theatre Centre. At the same time the Foundation is achieving its goal of promoting people development. The beneficiaries reflect the Western Cape’s demographic composition and include the aged, orphans, youth groups, community organisations and learners.

This Award pays tribute to GAF’s unrelenting service to the arts. This service was started nearly 20 years ago by City Tramsways. The Foundation is committed to the development of people. The performing arts provide a fun approach to upliftment. By providing access to the arts through the bus services, GAF is ploughing back the money people pay to travel on the
Golden Arrow buses within the Cape metropole.

GAF also transports different groups to various educational and entertainment opportunities in Cape Town. The BASA Award confirms that the Foundation is on the right track.

Golden Arrow Foundation 2003/2004

Grassroots Bus Adventure Project Basa Awards Foundation Cheque Handover Ceremony

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