GAF Bursaries
Sustainable empowerment for students

For the first year in its history the GAF bursary scheme allowed a cerebal palsy student to further her education within the mainstream education system. The student was promoted to her next level in secretarial studies and this just proves that given the opportunity success can overcome all odds. A total of 360 students benefited from the Golden Arrow Foundation’s (GAF) bursary scheme this year. This year’s annual bursary allocation was increased by R800 000 (50%) to R2,4 million.

GAF is a grassroots, community-based initiative striving to restore the imbalances of the past through empowerment. It believes the bursaries will create meaningful and sustainable empowerment and have a multiplier potential of job creation.

Students from all walks of life have applied for the GAF bursaries. The main criteria are that applicants must have successfully completed grades 10, 11 and 12 within the Western Cape. The applicant’s parents or guardians must reside in the Cape Metropolitan area which is served by the Golden Arrow Bus Services. Almost 80% of the 457 applications have been approved.

The bursaries are directly transferred in two payments to the three universities, two technikons and SAQA approved colleges in the Cape metropole. The first part comprises a deposit and the final payment follows once progress has been verified. Approximately 51% of this year’s allocation went to first time applicants (182) and the rest to students who have advanced to their second to fifth years of study.

Over the past three years the Foundation has invested nearly R5 million in bursaries. This has enabled 850 highly deserving, disadvantaged students to acquire a tertiary education. This year’s raised allocation resulted rise in the number of bursary recipients from 225 in 2003 to a total of 360 this year.

The Foundation’s focus on women is clearly seen as 51% of the recipients are women. The majority of the students (88%) have no affiliation with the bus company and reflect the demographic profile of the Cape metropole.

Golden Arrow Foundation 2003/2004



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