Chairperson’s Message:
Virginia Engel Chairperson

The achievements of the Golden Arrow Foundation, just like the achievements of South Africa, are nothing short of remarkable. As we reflect on the Golden Arrow Foundation’s ten years of existence we are inspired by the positive changes in the lives of tens of thousands of people in the Cape Metropole because of the social caretaker role adopted by the Foundation.

South Africa has come very far from the days when Alan Paton’s “Cry The Beloved Country” encapsulated what it meant to be South African. However, we are reminded of the words of President Mbeki in his 2004 State of the Nation address: “The challenge of the reconstruction and development of our society into one which guarantees human dignity, faces the entirety of our people. It is not a task that can be carried out by government alone. We need to make a common effort to build a winning nation”

Together with government, organs of civil society, NGO’s and others, we wish to help ensure that the scourges of poverty and underdevelopment are conclusively addressed. We are determined that when, in the not too distant future, we collectively celebrate the achievement of our reconstruction and development programme, we will be able to justifiably proclaim our
contribution in our area of influence.
While the buses of Golden Arrow Bus Services significantly contribute to the vehicular mobility of so many people, particularly the workers and scholars of the Cape Metropole, so too the social development programmes of GAF will contribute to the social and economic mobility of those same key commuters, their families and communities.

A special thanks to the visionaries of the foundation, who established a unique trust for the benefit of the social and economic advancement of the Cape Metropolitan communities. Besides the fact that Golden Arrow provides an excellent public bus service, the company also provides an enabling environment in which the Foundation operates.

On behalf of our Trustees we thank the Golden Arrow directors, management, staff and all employees for the assistance provided towards the overall success of the Foundation. The sale of GAF’s 50% shares to the company places a sizeable financial base within the GAF Trust and furthermore places a great responsibility on the Board of Trustees to ensure the financial and socially relevant future of GAF. We are pleased to report that Hosken Consolidated Investment (HCI, the new owner of Golden Arrow Bus Services) has embraced the Foundation. HCI reaffirmed its intention to support the Foundation as the social responsibility programme of Golden Arrow. We are convinced that our stakeholders and beneficiaries will reap the rewards of this dynamic relationship.

Over the last decade GAF has contributed an amount of (R22 233 053-00) towards the following broadly categorised projects and activities: bursaries; early childhood development; skills development, job creation and entrepreneurship; bus service discounts; HIV/AIDS; the physically and mentally challenged; arts and culture; sport; youth and women empowerment.
GAF has funded programmes to the amount of
(R5 907 663-00) in the current reporting year and community feedback indicates great appreciation for our investments. We are committed to spend at least R8 million in the coming year and our improved organisational efficiency will enhance our monitoring and evaluation methods to ensure an even better return on every rand spent.

I pay special tribute to my fellow trustees for keeping the “GAF bus” en route. The successful resolution of some difficult matters is testimony to the strength of the governance structure of the Foundation. I am thankful for the input and effort of each trustee that placed the interest of the Foundation high on their priority list. Together, we are not only growing an organisation of service, we are building a legacy.

I am immensely thankful for the selfless dedication of the GAF staff members. You have fulfilled your responsibilities in a manner that is greatly appreciated. I join the office as executive chairperson soon and I trust that, together we will ensure the efficient and effective operation of the programme of the Foundation. We look forward to the road ahead; we look forward to new opportunities that come with change; we look forward to the privilege of serving; we look forward to give effect to our shared desire to achieve the objectives of reconstruction and development.
We invite you to walk with us as we put into effect the words of Mahatma Ghandi:
“We must become the change we want to see”

GAF Trustees and Staff

John Copelyn

Peter Abrahams

Professor Mandla Tshabalala Marcel Golding

Velaphi Mphande  

Dawn Malotane (Manager)

Chrislene Sadan (Administrator)



from Golden Arrow Bus Services:
Nic Cronje’ Managing Director

It is most gratifying to know that the trustees of the Golden Arrow Foundation are continuing its work in the spirit of the vision and purpose that lay behind its establishment in 1994.

The independence of the Foundation as a community development resource managed by community representatives to benefit the communities served by Golden Arrow Bus Services has always been distinctive.

The sale of all the shares in the company (including the 50% formerly owned by the Foundation) to one of South Africa’s premier BEE companies, Hosken Consolidated Investments, has meant that the Foundation no longer has a direct interest in the company’s fortunes. Nevertheless, the proceeds of the share transaction have given the Foundation a solid financial platform from which it can move forward under the direction of the trustees.

The objectives of the Foundation, according to its founding Trust deed are to promote the social, education and community development of underprivileged persons from all communities, irrespective of age or gender, and including (where appropriate) the employees of the company and their dependants, and thereby nurture and develop the personal growth, self-reliance, independence, self- respect and self-esteem of such persons.

This report is evidence of how well the Foundation is fulfilling those objectives. In the past the Foundation has always been the public face of the company. We have every confidence that it will continue to play this important role and we wish the trustees well in their responsible tasks of improving the quality of life of the less fortunate in the communities from which the
company draws its workers and its customers.

Nic Cronje’: Managing Director
Golden Arrow Bus Services

Golden Arrow Foundation 2003/2004

A member of HCI Limited